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About Us
This is Dconcept's main line of business - the recording and production of audio media. Dconcept's has the ability to create the same high quality results as some of the larger studios, but without the larger studio price.  

How? Well, two reasons. First, I own all of the equipment, I am the only employee and the studio is located in my house, hence very low overhead.  Second, I use completely digital equipment.  Digital gear is similar in price to buy as analog gear, but digital is much faster to accomplish work, saving you wasted time.

How could my studio be as good as the other larger ones? Well, I guess It's just personal opinion. Most studios out there offer very good services. What I will say, though, is we all basically use the same equipment. Most studios these days use Hard Disk Recording Systems coupled with add-on effects.  Once something enters the microphone end, the process of converting it to a compact disk is the same no matter where you happen to be working. The main difference is in the skill of the engineer, everything else is  just tools. A good sound engineer will be a good sound engineer in a big studio or a small studio.

 I think Dconcept's has a distinct advantage because I take time to listen. When we first meet to discuss your project's requirements, we can take as long as we need to discuss the fine points and make sure we're aiming in the right direction before we even start. Everything at Dconcept's is personal one-on-one, with a relaxed atmosphere in modern surroundings. The charge clock doesn't start ticking until we actually start working.  I do not charge for consulting.

Don't get me wrong about not being large enough either.  Dconcept's is a fully featured recording house. I have a large control room facing a standard sized vocal booth.  There is a recording room outside the booth as well as a large reception lounge.  Dconcept's can quite comfortably take on projects ranging from solo acts to small vocal groups.  Read further to see the schematics of the studio.

We have a range of instruments available (Not included in the price below) for use as well, and I am personally a skilled keyboardist. I also have a healthy Clientele of other session musicians available for hire if required.  

Key Benefits:
Relaxed atmosphere
Competitive Price

Services you may want to consider Dconcept's  for:
Release quality projects, singles or albums
Composition, song writing and production
Movie scores
Voice-over's, answering machine messages and vocal archiving
Backing tracks, party music compilations and special remixing
 Set-up Charges
Standard studio rate
Studio lockout
CD & Tape duplication
   $15.00/ Each

 CD Cover Art - normal
   High Quality
CD Disk Copys